We have long experience as providers to important cement producers throughout the world, and provide machinery, equipment and parts for the production of cement and aggregates. We offer a wide rage of machinery and equipment used for capacity improvement projects and updates, and to replace outdated assets. We also supply parts and spares for the improvement and maintenance of existing equipment.

• Gear Box Reducers

• Grinders

• Metal Smokestacks

• Cyclones

• Electrostatic Filters

• Bag Filters

• Rotating Cement Ovens

• Vertical Lime Ovens

• Heat exchangers

• Vertical Roller Mills

• Coolers

• Static and Dynamic Separators

• Metallic Silos

• Conditioning towers

• Mechanical Transporters, Material

   Classifiers and Dispensers

• Forged Components (shaft and parts)

• Fans


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