Technical services and distribution in the regional lubrication markets


Established in 2013, Prodek Lubricants is a subsidiary of Prodek Inc.; a company with 26 years of experience servicing the industrial, agro-industrial, food production and processing Industries both in the US and Latin America.


Prodek Inc. develops engineering solutions, supplies equipment and parts, advises in better practices to optimize its clients’ operations and represents various brands of consumables throughout the Southern US, South and Central America and the Caribbean Basin.


With offices in Florida, Colombia and Honduras and local representatives throughout the region, Prodek Lubricants’ mission focuses in thriving to cover all the Lubrication necessities of our clients, in both products and services and aiming to achieve their complete Product and Service satisfaction.

Services provided regionally

by Prodek Lubricants include:

  • Lubrication systems design, installation and maintenance.
  • Lubrication analysis, periodic controls and advising.
  • Lubrication Auditing
  • Lubrication Studies
  • Lubrication Optimization programs and extension of drainage periods.
  • Sales and representation of world class Lubricant lines and systems for most industries present in the region, including the automotive sector.

Prodek Lubricants is proud the be a Central America and Caribbean partner of American powerhouse and 2014 Fortune 500 recipient Calumet Specialty Products and Partners L.P. (NASDAQ: CLMT) and represent, among others, their diverse Top of the line Packaged Lubricant brands, their bases and their entire United States manufactured product line.

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